I Thought I Did

Never mind what I did today, how about what I thought?  I did lay on the floor of my apartment where the red velvet couch used to be before the bed bugs claimed it. I did listen to my building’s handy-man and his clangorous hammer working all the live-long day in the attic directly above my head.  I did make $10 and considered it an honest day’s work, then went home.  I did work on a couple of new songs.  I did find joy in laying on the floor and listening to the tools and earning $10 and giving myself more things to work on.

I thought about my face and the karma that led me to my current body.  I thought about the things I did in past lives in different realms and how the accumulation of those things propagated this form so that I would be most likely to encounter and learn what my specific soul needs to know.  I thought about how I’m not sure if I believe in specific souls.  I thought about how a soul is simply a portion of the universe.  I thought about how the ultimate freedom is when the soul is no longer bound by a physical vessel.  So, because a soul is energy — when it leaves that vessel in its unconfined state,  could it not merge with other energies before it goes to its next destination?  Thus meaning there are no individually eternal souls, that instead we pick up and leave things all over the universe, and we are always a spiritual accumulation of energies wherever we exist?  I thought about how I think nothing is new in all of existence, that we all and everything have always been, that when a baby is born it is not given a brand new shiny soul, but that all energy has always existed.  I thought about how organized religion skewed that thought into original sin.  I thought about how it’s funny to even say “a soul”.

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