I Love Me And So Does Jesus

We are taught to worship Jesus and be slaves to the machine, instead of practicing his teachings to understand what they actually mean. Man has skewed religion to make you think we are lesser beings, while Jesus taught others to heal themselves and believed poor men to be kings.

Jesus had faith in people, so people had faith in him. He expected nothing from no one and took misunderstanding on the chin. He loved those who hated him, he loved those who sinned, he loved those who went against him, and when others broke, he’d bend. Jesus forgave, forgot, and moved on. But — “in his name” — Man enslaved, fought, and bombed.

Mothers hypocriticize his teachings and use scripture when it serves them, while daughters only want peace and love and not to be their mother’s burden. Mothers scream at their only daughter, “You are going to Hell!”, while daughter longs to ease mother’s worries — but daughter still has to be herself. Mothers love with their whole hearts, but before the love comes through, it’s filtered through a blackened fear created by the news.

Created by the media, created for the cash, created by the terrified, who urge you to move fast! Move fast! Hurry up! You need this and this and this! Almost! Not quite! We’ll never let you quit! You’re bad! You’re wrong! No one’s going to love you! Give up! Give in! It will always be above you!

Real love is trust and trust is hard to find. Real love is in yourself and the power of your mind. Jesus continues to bare the cross for those who think they understand, but oh my people please think for yourselves, there is so much more at hand! I ask you to forgive yourself, for we know not what we do. No one can serve two masters, so the only master is you.

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