To Conquer Death, You Only Have To Die

What a tizzy we have thrown ourselves into on the concept of death — and when I say concept, I mean concept. I believe that when you and I expire from our Earthly forms and our souls are working out where to go next on the universe’s eternal journey to know itself through every experience imaginable and unimaginable, we will chuckle at how seriously we took being humans — much like we chuckle at memories of ourselves as children and how trivial the things that were most important to us then seem now. I believe that we can never not be children on this planet. We are constantly learning and constantly working to tame or even (seemingly in most cases) stifle the inner child that wants to do what it wants all the time — but that child is always there. I am the inner child incarnate and I am free, but a child’s biggest lesson is patience and it took me about 28 years to start catching on. That may seem like a jab at myself or possibly even a slight at others, but I assure you, it is neither.

We will chuckle because we will now understand that the purpose of life is just to live it, and if you find yourself in human form, it is your purpose to experience what it is to be human — whether you understand it or not is up to you. I believe that I, the I that is speaking to you right now, the I that is in you and everyone else as well, am a force from the heavens/the universe/creation/divinity/everything. I believe that the physical vessel that I am working with to look at this screen and type these letters (i.e. my body) could survive on this planet without me. As human beings we are equipped with the mind, which I define as ego or even human instinct, and the body. We could survive on this planet with instinct and body alone, but instead this thinking, curious, truth-obsessed, questioning spirit plays parasite and steers this body around. Although, if we were only equipped with our instincts, we’d probably end up like the groups of dogs that get stuck together by their genitals after mating on the streets in third world countries — not sure how much would really get done.

I like to think about where I live in my body — I assume most would say in the brain as a means to join ego and spirit to work together as roommates in the rental property that is the body. I believe this could be true, but it really doesn’t have to be. Nothing has to be anything. There are no rules. I like to think that I, my spirit I that requires no my, live centered in between my eyes, and I kind of fade out canopy style directly behind my eyes as well. I’m thinking about it now. I feel like that’s where I am.

And does that now bring ego and instinct into the conversation? For I very much think that it is a human/Earthly thing to feel; not to say that one couldn’t experience feelings or emotions as a different species or even in a different galaxy. I do believe this energy that I am, to always be logical and unconditional love and light, and that when I return to the universe unbound by my physical body, that is how I will be. I do think that the illogical, fear, and darkness are a specifically Earthly challenge in that they are associated with the ego and instinct. We are equipped with emotions and instincts to stay alive on this planet, however the easier we make it to live on this planet, the less we need them. Where we used to require instinct to escape from natural danger, we now can live in comfort and give ourselves time to think. But comfort is a new age and we are not used to this time to think, so we freak out and get impatient, get busy, get jobs, get relationships, get kids, get medicated, and distract ourselves.

The inner child is all emotions and instincts. We get caught up in these emotions and instincts while other things that we have to deal with are happening in our physical lives. We feel we get stuck on a track of never-ending unfulfilling compromise, and we forget about our own divinity — or maybe we never even knew. We forget that we are just here to experience and learn. We fear the “unknown”, but I truly think that everyone has the ability inside themselves to answer one of mankind’s greatest questions — “What happens after you die?” — if they could take the time and have the patience to find it inside themselves. But people get lonely and people get lazy. People fear loneliness like they fear death. People fear loneliness so they don’t have to fear death.

It seems like it’s easier just to distract ourselves with Earthly things, but that is simply the impatient inner child. I know what is to be alone, I know what it is to be lonely, I no longer fear loneliness and therefore it no longer has any power over me. I now know that loneliness is another distraction, just another thing to put energy into, and because I know that, I can redirect that energy. Sure, from time to time I have a human moment and get lonely or lazy, but I understand those as temporary emotions and I know those feelings don’t have to last longer than I want them to — I know that I am in control. And doesn’t that scare us? Especially now in the social media age, when vicarious existence is at its all time high, are we simply afraid… nay, terrified… nay, REFUSE to take responsibility for ourselves?

We feel all of these feelings so deeply and ferociously and they hurt us so bad, so we want a big relief and reward at the end for ourselves and those we love, and punishment for those that have — when you get down to the gist of it — hurt our feelings, in some way. But I don’t like writing that someone could hurt someone else’s feelings — listen, I am naturally seeensitive (inner child here), but I have been called some terrible things that didn’t phase me. You don’t ever have to get offended. You don’t have to do anything. I understand being called names is much different than a multitude of negative things that happen to people every day, but I still think this idea applies to that multitude of negative things as well.

Those who choose to be slaves to time fear death, fearing the surprise, the abruptness, the potential pain and circumstances, but these are all momentary things. Slow things down, quiet things down, close your eyes, listen to yourself. You have nothing to fear. You only have to fear if you want to, but it is always your choice. Fear is a habit and habits are hard to break, that is why we must allow ourselves the time and mistakes it takes to understand that habit, so that we can move on. Understanding is the opposite of fear.

At the risk of quoting John Lennon, I have to quote John Lennon as saying, “I’m not afraid of death because I don’t believe in it. It’s just getting out of one car and into another.” Very well said. I feel such peace and contentment and love too. Such love.

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