Something To Talk About

The more I talk to other people, the dumber and less necessary what I say becomes. It is a snowball effect. I start with an attempt to talk to other people. I learn that it is easy to speak negatively. I speak negatively. There is always something negative to talk about and it is so easy. It’s so easy that at a certain point, you forget that you’re being so negative and life just starts to seem negative. With each word you speak, you cast little energy spells around you that manifest in your everyday life.

In my head I can always see the brighter side and usually can move past things pretty efficiently if I give them the energy/effort they need, but as soon as I speak about my issues to another person I am bringing their energy into my issue. It gives the issue new legs and a new perspective to consider, analyze, mull over, agonize, torture, and pick apart. You certainly don’t have to do that, but I’ve found that if I am merely telling someone about my day because they asked or we’re just trying to find something to talk about, the conversation usually becomes bigger than it has to.

Situations that weren’t an issue now appear like they could maybe be an issue, or something that I have got over is now suddenly back on the operating table, ready to be dissected and studied. I don’t want to talk like this anymore. I can handle the silence and I want it. We are trained to talk. Words aren’t real. We are in the time of oversharing and I want to give my brain its own space. Maybe a vow of silence one day a week, that seems like a good endeavor. Or why even put that on myself? I’ll do it when I do it, but I don’t want to chitchat right now.

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