Was Jesus A Feminist?

I find the term feminism to be counterintuitive in the first place... I am equal beyond my gender because my gender is irrelevant. Your car is not better than my truck, your house is not better than my apartment, your male body is not better than my female body--they are different things. They are just … Continue reading Was Jesus A Feminist?

Those Who Cannot Teach, Do

We began our languorous journey into uncharted territory five years ago, at the age of 24. There is something very special about that age... I believe it to be the beginning of one's spiritual awakening. It's when I first started to feel the separation of mind, body and spirit. It terrified me. Some interpret this … Continue reading Those Who Cannot Teach, Do

To Conquer Death, You Only Have To Die

What a tizzy we have thrown ourselves into on the concept of death -- and when I say concept, I mean concept. I believe that when you and I expire from our Earthly forms and our souls are working out where to go next on the universe's eternal journey to know itself through every experience imaginable and … Continue reading To Conquer Death, You Only Have To Die